Ben Folds - Christian Life (album version) video free download

Duration: 03:35
Uploaded: 2010/09/29

Track 12 from the new Ben Folds album "Lonely Avenue," lyrics by author Nick Hornby. No copyright infringement intended. Just sharin' it for the people.


5 years ago


I hate it when you get certain songs for buying the album from a certain place. It's like, what!? You got this album at Best Buy? Too bad, no song for you!

5 years ago

Debby R

hmm... sounds out of touch with Christian life. has the person who wrote it ever been to church? I like the tune. I see this song as more about one spiritually dead person than as a smoking gun that proves atheiism is "real" or something.

5 years ago

Lucas Hutchinson

Lol I can't even find a CD store that sells CDs anymore it's all shirts percings and frisbies

6 years ago


The Thinking Atheist brought me here. I like this song.

6 years ago


TTA sent me here too. Like the lyrics, but only because TTA read them. I would not get it just listening until about 30 or 40 times. Too conjunt...melody just doesn't take me anywhere. Talented band recording it, though.

6 years ago


i like this song 'cuz it holds its meaning without being too in your face about it

6 years ago

Henrik Kragh

TTA brought me here. Great text,...special...tune. Probably just this one listening:)

6 years ago

Anton paisley

@lovelifewhy . Fuck off you Scouse Prick

7 years ago


Too atheistic for the album.

7 years ago

RedYellow Blue

makes me wish that the physical single was still something that widely existed. without a computer you cannot hear this song, plain and simple. its sad. if this came out in 1998, we would have got a "from above" single backed with "Christian Life" and "Things You Think." And it would have been awesome

7 years ago

Anthony Pittore

@SchmuckoftheIrish - This is from the Amazon bonus edition.

7 years ago


Hmmm this wasn't on the copy I bought... so thanks for the upload!

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