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Uploaded: 2010/09/26

Es una canción de 1968 de su albúm "Idea", que fue lanzado en septiembre de ese año. La canción es principalmente compuesta y cantada por Robin Gibb . De acuerdo con Robin Gibb, la melodía melancólica de la canción fue inspirada por los sonidos a bordo de un avión.


2 years ago

Angelica Gela Merlas

Robin Gibb❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

3 years ago

Richard Blandon

Check out this song by the folk rock band David & Anthony on youtube - recorded live in 1968.

3 years ago

fred tom

Great group, chicken skin hearing this song, thanks aloha and mahalo

3 years ago

Ovis Musmón

They were teenagers then

3 years ago

Miguel Angel Seláez Aspiazu

FAITH NO MORE is so cool(-‿◕)

3 years ago

Aclae Martins de Queiroz

Lindo .....bons momentos, lindas lembranças....viajamos no tempo , de nossas recordações .......

3 years ago

Walter Hein

This time and this music is this kind of music i prefer. Most of the actually artists are first of all preformer in fidgetting the way they sing their songs is in same qualitty that I can perform it. But the Bee Gees are one of the best acts ever, especially the way they sing their songs.

3 years ago

motor head

This song has the exact same rythm as a spanish song my parents listen to O.o (btw im mexican)

3 years ago

tom Anderson

I like this song

3 years ago


Wonderful forever

3 years ago

Suteruni Susanto

one of my all time favourit BeeGee's songs....sigh..... Robin had the best voice, RIP<3

3 years ago

Heather Winer

When I need a good cry I listen to Robin singing I started a Joke. Love it!

3 years ago

Bettina Lorenz


3 years ago

Tom Tom

Bee Gees - I Started A Joke - 1968

3 years ago


Robin的聲音很優美。但大部分都讓賢給大哥Barry當Main Vocal。

3 years ago

Tommy Yourboy57

I was 11 when this song came out...I cried when I first heard it. I felt someone knows how I feel! Someone knows how desolate and different I felt. I wish I could have met them all, especially Robin. They all had their place in the group and their special talents, Barry out front...people loved his looks, Maurice on keyboards and guitar, and slightly behind the scenes...but Robin in my opinion, was the soul of the group. I started a joke is their defining song. He especially...I would have loved to meet and talk with him, and thank him....for helping me to not feel like such an unwanted freak as an 11 year old. <3

3 years ago

Hodge Chang

Great songs.nice music!

3 years ago

oscar omar nuñez tostado

como se llama la segunda cancion? porfavor quisiera saber :3

3 years ago


Who taught that horse how to sing??

3 years ago

sugandi ruslan

very good

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