Bebe Rexha - I Got You [Official Music Video] video free download

Duration: 03:17
Uploaded: 2017/01/06

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1 year ago

Ali Stn

Wow it's incredible. Good music good Video and still not too much views.

1 year ago

Anna Mdralamod

I don't like

1 year ago


why does this remind me of kylie so much

1 year ago

Dženana Hasič


1 year ago

Sophia Dotterweich

This is before Invisible came out, she's gonna be really, really famous soon.

1 year ago

Love yah bebe ❤️

1 year ago

michael owen

i love you bebe rexha

1 year ago


this is such a rip off from Shania Twain.

1 year ago

Jasmin Bae Official

G-Eazy =u got mebebe rexha=I got u

1 year ago

Digvijay Singh

I love this song & l love you

1 year ago

Caress Carranza

when u love bebe too much that u don't care to think wtf is really happening to the video haha

1 year ago

Purple Demon

what i learned from the comment section: "being gorgeous=slut"

1 year ago

Jullie George

best song of 2017.i got u

1 year ago

Mark M.

I like your voice so much!

1 year ago

Nancy Bautista

Desde que salio el vídeo estoy traumada con la canción

1 year ago

Little Johnny

i fancy this song

1 year ago

Siddharth Sundar

does anyone else think she looks like aishwarya Rai in some of the shots

1 year ago

SuperWomen Sophie

There is 11K DISLIKES for this song.Sometimes I just think that these people click on the video, pause it before the video starts, dislike and leave.

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