Bebe Rexha - I Got You [Official Music Video] video free download

Duration: 03:17
Uploaded: 2017/01/06

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10 months ago

Ali Stn

Wow it's incredible. Good music good Video and still not too much views.

10 months ago

Anna Mdralamod

I don't like

10 months ago


why does this remind me of kylie so much

10 months ago

Dženana Hasič


10 months ago

Sophia Dotterweich

This is before Invisible came out, she's gonna be really, really famous soon.

10 months ago

Love yah bebe ❤️

10 months ago

michael owen

i love you bebe rexha

10 months ago


this is such a rip off from Shania Twain.

10 months ago

Jasmin Bae Official

G-Eazy =u got mebebe rexha=I got u

10 months ago

Digvijay Singh

I love this song & l love you

10 months ago

Caress Carranza

when u love bebe too much that u don't care to think wtf is really happening to the video haha

10 months ago

Purple Demon

what i learned from the comment section: "being gorgeous=slut"

10 months ago

Jullie George

best song of 2017.i got u

10 months ago

Mark M.

I like your voice so much!

10 months ago

Nancy Bautista

Desde que salio el vídeo estoy traumada con la canción

10 months ago

Little Johnny

i fancy this song

10 months ago

Siddharth Sundar

does anyone else think she looks like aishwarya Rai in some of the shots

10 months ago

SuperWomen Sophie

There is 11K DISLIKES for this song.Sometimes I just think that these people click on the video, pause it before the video starts, dislike and leave.

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