Axel Rudi Pell - BEFORE I DIE (2012, new album) video free download

Duration: 04:31
Uploaded: 2012/03/23

"Before I Die", third track from new Axel Rudi Pell album "CIRCLE OF THE OATH" (2012).

Johnny Gioeli - lead vocals

Axel Rudi Pell - guitars

Ferdy Doernberg - keyboards

Volker Krawczak - bass

Mike Terrana - drums


2 years ago


+masterpatricZeta3 I know that this reply is late, but I'm not sure how Johnny has any fault in the band being repetitive. I just think that Axel ran out of ideas a long time ago.

3 years ago

Marcus Vinicius Machado

Mike Terrana destruindo na bateria como sempre! 

3 years ago

Giovane Mendes

awesome song! long live axel o/

3 years ago

merja kuismanen

Great! Awesome! Beloved Gioelli ,you are the best :) What a voice :)

4 years ago

Michael Lacey

what a great song as perlid68 said anyone hitting dislike needs a hearing aid and dont know music this is awsome and looking forward to there new album into the storm due in 2014 

4 years ago

nika mikeladze

<3 <3

4 years ago


Peopel Who hits dislike,have a hearing problem ,i think they mean,this i like.gr8 music

4 years ago

johnny holthe

awesome :)

4 years ago


what can force you to click Dislike ?

5 years ago

galli faxx

Great Great Great Axel

5 years ago

Spencer Deforest

Johnny Gioeli has an amzing voice. Also his voice is very similar to the guy from firehouse's voice and Oni logan from lynch mob. anyone agree?

5 years ago

Spencer Deforest

the perfect love song. and It's HEAVY METAL! this is a great song

5 years ago

luciano colombo alves

axel rules !!!

5 years ago

Angel Weiss


5 years ago

Lukman Hakim

axel rudi pell ..... you're crazy ... I like this album .. long live rock

5 years ago

Susanne L

I was born to love you I don't wanna cry I just wanna hold you in my arms again Before I die

5 years ago


Best Band of the Universe !!!!!!!!

5 years ago



5 years ago


i know more than you shitty cunt.i was raised hearing steeler, but i will not spend my p[recious time trying to explain who played in Steeler. before Soto was Rob Rock, and before Charlie hunn, Do not come to give me rock lessons when i can school you boy, I am 37 years old, and i grew up listening pell and his evolution, You do not want to realise the truth, it is your fucking problem asshole.

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