Atrocity - Necropolis video free download

Duration: 04:09
Uploaded: 2011/03/27

Every night of my favor

Every night I'm gonna meet you

I love your coldness

Let me touch your deadly emptiness


Faded flowers

I like the smell of rotten beauty

Forsaken gravestone

Every morning I find myself lying on


Scene of horror- place of peace

Theatre of macabre- everlasting feast

Forbidden pleasure- my secret love

Wistful trauma- eternal resting place

Disembody lust- your body is dust

Blackened lady- womb of the dead

Darkness warms me

Dancing all night on the graves

My sweet 'tender'

One day I'll join you forever



2 years ago

Fabian Tagliaferro

Atrocity - Necropolis´╗┐

5 years ago


I couldn't agree more! This one, and Todessehnsucht are among the very best Deathmetal (or whatever you want to call them) songs EVER!!!

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