ATROCITY - Fade To Grey (Best of Rock Harz) video free download

Duration: 03:27
Uploaded: 2009/03/05

ATROCITY bring us the mega hits of the 80's heavier than ever before! Exactly one decade ago, hits such as "Shout", "The Great Commandment", and "Mussolini" once again conquered the club scene, as ATROCITY released their unique and hard rockin' Werk 80 album. At the rejoice of many of their fans, ATROCITY have now recorded part two of their highly acclaimed work. Werk 80 II comprises further mega hits

of the 80's in typical ATROCITY style! "Fade to Grey" includes exclusive live footage from last year's Rock Harz Festival.


3 years ago

Er Elies

A strange mix like Therion's adaptation of french song from the 60's. I like what Therion did but not so much this one, which doesn't fit with the deep melancolia of the original song from Visage...

3 years ago


Yo prefiero el Atrocity clasico...este estilo es una mierda....mejor un buen death metal

3 years ago

Chris Baier

Ich finde es super 

3 years ago

Ant Nosferatu

not bad

3 years ago

Nuarda Nuarda

Steve Strange needs to bitch slap these fuckers. What a pile of wank.

3 years ago


What's the point of putting women in cages and with those clothes to dance in a metal concerts? That's fucked up. 

3 years ago

Florence BESSON

ça change de Visage ^ ^\m/

3 years ago

Alvaro Tapia

Hey simon gil .get the fuck out

3 years ago

Руслан Стеценко

very cool!

3 years ago

Olivier Depondt

wtf....this is just wrong lol

3 years ago

Eva Gutiérrez

Ha no mamelles! La tocan. Chido

3 years ago


Crap cover. Ugly as fuck band who the fuck listens to this shit

3 years ago


Laaaange ist es her ABER ich habe Atrocity zwei mal live erleben dürfen und es war jedes Mal geil!!! Da fühlt man sich fast 20 Jahre jünger, wenn man das sieht und hört ;-)!

3 years ago

Richard Abraham

luxus !!

3 years ago

nazz xxul

still the dopest and fresh-as-fuck-freshest cover of any gay nu-romo 80s song in the history of forever.

3 years ago

Emerson Rodrigues

adoro Visage

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