Ashley Lilinoe - Valerie ( Acoustic Live!) video free download

Duration: 03:10
Uploaded: 2013/06/03

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As we get started with the sessions featuring Ashley Lilinoe, she shares an Amy Winehouse cover song called "Valerie." It's a great solo performance by this young artist, and one to see!

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2 years ago

Andrea Capalbo

Wooow que poweer!!!!!

2 years ago

Mike Antonio Jr

What a babeee, ugh!

2 years ago

Antonio Padia

I want marry you

2 years ago

Dale Boice

Looks like she is in Hawaii.

3 years ago

André Gonçalves

Um dos melhores covers de Valerie, simples porém muito bem executado, linda voz e lindo o violão!!!

3 years ago

damian andres


3 years ago

Catu Styles

This music video is amazing.

3 years ago

Misty Daszkiewicz

David this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and inspiring. She made it her own and I've never heard such a good version of this song, she's meant to make it her own. Exact covers are boring...are you an artist? If not, I don't think you should comment. She's perfect and inspiring. Love

3 years ago

Zia The Nefarious

She killed it

3 years ago

Janusz Kowalski

Bardzo ładnePozdrawiam

3 years ago

Katja Bierbrauer

beautiful background!

3 years ago

Jaclyn Serre

Not only do you sound awesome, but WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?!?! ITS BEAUTIFUL

3 years ago

Luisa Nunes


3 years ago

Dianaliis Kross

This combo sure did brighten up my day in foggy London! A bow to the location and the filming crew. Very nicely done. And of course Ashley Lilinoe- major thanks! stunning

3 years ago

Zyzy Samp

nice gentle but attituded voice (does that even make sense) but sometimes when ur trying to make it sound nice by speeding it up .... don't but everything else good

3 years ago

Aaron Busboom Poslick

Simply beautiful

3 years ago


I go out by my sel....i miss ur ginger eh I can't und e retained some of the words u sing but good rest of song

3 years ago


I don't like it. It's just not your league, to sing Amy.

3 years ago

David Wilson

I couldn't get past the first line of vocals . Absolutely no need for all the warbling notes on the first phrasing . Overdone to death 

3 years ago

Bob' Zé

So good.... 

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