Army (Ben Folds) on Acappella U HD - University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers video free download

Duration: 03:17
Uploaded: 2008/11/13

The University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers' performance of Army, originally by Ben Folds, from the Acappella U HD video podcast. Footage courtesy of Joey C.

Pardon the irony of the soloist's injured arm-y. Wanna see how he did it? See link below:


3 years ago

den danny


3 years ago

Em Gee

I've watched this 5x and showed friends. I love this song and this is just as good as the original. Thanks!

3 years ago


you guys are crazy lol

4 years ago

Alan Highe

Do you have the sheet music to this!?

5 years ago


my gosh what a great job! lead vocalist looks like ed norton.

5 years ago

Ian Okamoto

Probably a masturbation accident.

5 years ago


He got reallllllllllllllllly into his conducting! There is the video where he did it in the description.

5 years ago

Vincent Leonard


6 years ago

Kelsey R

This was my favorite song from the University A Cappella cd. Love from the Sedoctaves at UF!

6 years ago


lol i read U of R and thought of the Amazing Yellowjackets!

6 years ago

J. Keith Leary'd you break your arm?

6 years ago

lee blues

wow you guys are soooo awesome!!!!!

7 years ago


a reasonable attempt ... but do keep trying!

7 years ago


This was recorded outdoors? Wow. Usually vocals outside just waft up and disappear into the air. This is great.

7 years ago



7 years ago


Mr. Folds picked this one good :D

7 years ago



7 years ago


You virgins sure can rock!

7 years ago


As a huge fan of Ben Folds, and this song, I can honestly say- that I think you guys did an amazing job, it really compliments the song. It just makes me feel rather chipper, if I can say such a word. Haha! Really enjoyed it, well done!

7 years ago

Caitlin Wockenfuss

love you guys on the album, love you even more here, you are so fantastic!!!!!

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