Amy Winehouse - Valerie - Live HD video free download

Duration: 03:31
Uploaded: 2009/12/17


Amy Winehouse

DVD I Told You I Was Trouble

Live in London 2007


2 years ago

Darlyn Garcés Urra


2 years ago

Samuel Cavazos Jr.

I can only understand the title of the song. Valerie.

2 years ago

Jimme CrackCorn

1:22 -1:32 This woman did whatever she wanted; when she wanted and how the fuck she wanted to say it, and it was all beautiful to us all! Even her mistakes are awesome! R.I.P. Amy Winehouse; I'm tipping my moonshine glass to you towards the party in heaven! Thumbs up for Amy Winehouse...

2 years ago

Rosie Hillier

She really needed music, it gave her lots of happiness. R.I.P Amy xx

2 years ago

Valerie Dorgan

If you read how she died it was because she was an anorexic and bulimic she died of alcohol poisioning.I'm sure the toll of drugs didn't help

2 years ago

mimi kunene

The one thing you can never do is copy her voice, everybody sounds the same using the same techniques, she dared to be different: she was unique. I know that this has been said already but the minute she died the world lost something that can never be found again. Amy (RIP)

2 years ago

Zully Quiroz


2 years ago

Greco Greco


2 years ago

melanie süß

She is definitely high

2 years ago

HEN Puta

I love how she doesn't give a shit anymore

2 years ago

louise beswick

love this song one of my many favourites beautiful voice

2 years ago

Alejandro Abayay

Buen sábado gente!

2 years ago



2 years ago

Jessicalinda Verbruggen


2 years ago

brian critchley

O''Boy what beauty has this, true magic..

2 years ago

Información PB San Javier

Love U Amy nunca te olvidare,

2 years ago

Polly Peachum

Damn that background singer is cute!

2 years ago

Boris Zorica

beautifull(nešto lijepo)

2 years ago

M White

At 1:28 - WTF?

2 years ago

Seamus O'Toole

she was so talented

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