Alicia Keys - Doesn't Mean Anything (#LYRICS) video free download

Duration: 05:07
Uploaded: 2009/12/08

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2 years ago

Christine Smith

This song soothes my soul..

2 years ago

Candace Saved

To my daughters

3 years ago

Tathanna Browning

I love this song. Alicia keys always been my favorite singer

3 years ago

Ashley Stevens

I do believe this song is about some one she loved dieing

3 years ago

Vanessa Hart

This song made me realise my potential as a 13yr old 

3 years ago

Renee Bates

Check out this video on YouTube:

3 years ago

Alexis Pierce

I love her voice

3 years ago

ManiNdLoLo 123

I love this song

3 years ago

linda davidsen

jeg elsker dig mumu N.ASLAN DIN Linda

3 years ago

Tea Galac

I can't find a damn music video -.-

3 years ago

нαииαн яυтн


3 years ago


One republic copied her IM pissed 

3 years ago

Kay Kaur

Will ALWAYS love this sing... Xx

3 years ago

lee schuby

Beautiful Lady Beautiful song.

3 years ago


Money > Bitches

3 years ago


What are those fucking war advertisement doing here Mr youtube???? can u explain????

3 years ago


Miss you, bubba. <3

3 years ago

PixieCupcakes D.

This songs mean everything to me :"(

3 years ago

Dell Carr

so true, money cant buy real love, peace nor happiness.

3 years ago

Jamie Hensley

Sometimes you just have to start over again in order to fly

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