Alan Jackson - "I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You" ((Live)) video free download

Duration: 02:54
Uploaded: 2013/01/25

From Precious Memories


2 years ago

Fred Rumbolt

i love this song ìt,s one of allan jackson ,s best it was sung for all who have passed on and lives in heaven rip you all 

2 years ago

dzeble emmanuel

I will surely stroll to heaven, ....... God see me through this straggles of life.

2 years ago

Mary Deloach

This was my grandmas fav song and it still is mine. She died on April 27 2015.

3 years ago

batista Silva

lindas as casão de Alan adoro

3 years ago

Judi Harbin

Maybe love, which on earth is made precious by our mortality, finds its full worth in immortality. Maybe that's what heaven is

3 years ago

Estefana Nava

I love this song for my Sister Lupe who is in Heaven .you are being miss so much. 

3 years ago

Darlene Young

This song is beautiful!!!

3 years ago

Linda Mudie

I lost my best friend and husband on Dec. 30 2012 and this song makes me so much closer to him than any song has ever had!!!, THANKYOU Allan Jackson!!!!

3 years ago

Donna Ludemann

What a wonderful person you are Alan Jackson for using your voice in God's ministry...

3 years ago

Alyce Courtney

this song is so beautiful , I want to see all my family in heaven and just stroll over to heaven with them all.

3 years ago

john allison

For my Beautiful Mary Ann in Heaven.

3 years ago

Nancy Walls

In memory of many dear love ones and most recently Daniel & Pat! Love you All! Your memories and teachings remain strong!

3 years ago

Santhana Das David

Walking with Jesus all over heaven would be great someday when my time is up

3 years ago


The two elder women hugging are his mother and mother-in-law....

3 years ago

Melissa Waldron-Judd

Absolutely beautiful

3 years ago

sandra mcalpin

Iwant to stroll with my daughter i never knew i had untill just a few months ago. She was born in 1964. passed away without me knowing she even existed.

3 years ago


One of Jackson's best song. Of course he never sang a bad song. Thanks for posting it

3 years ago

Abigail. Santosani

Sentimental persuation from Cheryl amy Cosmo cigna!! remember when i saw you at the barnfire beach party long ago this lifetime!! look me up on music Cheryl Cosmo music i made.

3 years ago

Corie Gore

This is for you Marvin I love you so

4 years ago

Vivian Tracy

I havent the slightest idea what I did to make her not love me anymore. We can fix it in heaven.

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