Agnes Monica - Matahariku (High Quality - Better Audio) video free download

Duration: 04:21
Uploaded: 2008/05/15

Finally , she released a new single coming from the album entitled OST JELITA.

Sorry, for long time no UPDATE from me :P ...

THis is very nice single from Agnes Monica comparing to her previous single. Since, in this single, she doesnt push and force her vocal. So, I guarantee this song must be a whole lot fresher than the previous one.

MV Released : May 2008

MV Director : Hedy Suryawan


4 years ago

Zalfa Naqiyya

Kau Yang Tlah MelilihNya

4 years ago

Mike Vuluq

I remember working in Jakarta, Indonesia, when I come into contact with her music, and now I'm back to Taiwan for work when I feel tired, I would listen to her music let me relieve stress.Happy Monday

4 years ago

sutris sutrisno

ku tutup sdah pintu . . . . pintu hatiku

4 years ago

Ryan Eveer

d'mna kau kni '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

4 years ago

Wawan Rasiwan

Agnes Monica - Matahariku (High Quality - Better Audio)

4 years ago

Jhonson Andreas

Indonesian Diva

4 years ago

Arikah Alyanissa

Udah panas di tambah dengerin lagu nie biar #puanas #mantaps hehe

5 years ago

Beni Permana Setia


5 years ago

serlya novi


5 years ago

anzhar pribadi

MV Agnes monica - matahariku

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