Adera - Home ( Brian McKnight | COVER ) video free download

Duration: 03:44
Uploaded: 2012/01/01

first of all..

Happy new year everyone! :)

recorded on the first day of 2012..

really sorry for my nasally voice.. currently not in my best condition..

but i hope u guys can still enjoy it!

Thank you very much..

Adera :)


2 years ago

Diana Febrianti Yusarman

kenapa gw denger si Adera nyanyi lagu ini deg2 kan ya..weleh weleh meleleh rasanya.. kiss kiss.

2 years ago

Monique Smith GOODNESS! HE IS SINGING THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

3 years ago

Sarah Aulia

Still good even you say that is not your best! Adera sekali2 cover lagu korea dong wkwk

3 years ago

Frisman Armando

Best cover of this song i've ever heard

3 years ago

caroline putri

one of Indonesia's best talents among bunch. keep it up, Adera! 

3 years ago

mylene ellao

i really love your voice.. a very good diction.. 

3 years ago

Sugiyono Bpn

Suka bgt ma lagu ini . Dr semua lagu nya brian :) perbanyak cover brian dong . .

3 years ago

Uan Yudi

Dulu sih rasanya pernah liat tp ga begitu ngeh.Sekarang kok suka bgt.Sederhana tapi luar biasa.

3 years ago

Sofia Stefanie Karamoy

I love it!

3 years ago

iva tsalissavrina your voice..sama suka nya dengan suara dan lagu papa mu (ebiet G Ade)..

3 years ago

risman putra

yg heran nya,,,sekeren ini musisi dan suaranya,,,tapi TV2 Indonesia ngk ada yg mau tayangin ADERA,,,,RIP TV INDONESIA:(

3 years ago

Chitra Poespa

OohThinking back when we first metI remember what you saidYou said you'd never leave me, yeahI let go a while of you handBuilt my castle in the sandBut now I'm reaching out againAnd I'm not letting you go till youHold me, mold meSometimes I feel so all alone, hmmSee I gotta find my way back homeSo why don't youShape me, make me, wash me whiter than the snowI gotta find my way back homeMaster upon my knees I prayI just wanna be the clayHmm put your arms around me, yeahPlace my life in your handsLord I know I'm just a manKnow you understandThis time I'm not letting go, till youAnoint me, appoint meSometimes I feel so all aloneI'm am on my way back homeSo why don't youDirect me, bless meWash me whiter than the snowI am on my way back home

3 years ago

Gisti Riza Adistie

Aderaaa, I love your voice so much and much <3

3 years ago

Bobby Standal

Great cover!

3 years ago

astrid tehang

ok ok

3 years ago

nikho denza


3 years ago

Fransiskus Namang

keren abis

3 years ago

Donnie Ray Panilagao

Good job!

3 years ago

krisnanda wisnuaji

Man...indonesia butuh musisi kyak lu...!

3 years ago

Janice Paat

good job... i became an instant fan of your voice... so great!!!

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