ABORTED - Expurgation Euphoria (OFFICIAL VIDEO - Censored) video free download

Duration: 03:43
Uploaded: 2013/02/13

ABORTED - Expurgation Euphoria (OFFICIAL VIDEO - Censored). From the album 'Global Flatline', Century Media Records, 2012. View the UNCENSORED version here:


Order your copy now at:

US: http://bit.ly/H2qGYB

US: http://www.cmdistro.com/Search/aborted

EU: http://www.cmdistro.de/Search?q=global+flatline

Directed, shot and edited by Phil Berridge @ http://www.creativejunkiemedia.com


2 years ago

Chyanne Monroe

Can we just take a moment and appreciate how much I fucking love aborted 

3 years ago

Niall Skinner

Interesting to hear Edgar Alan Poe's horror poem "Masque Of The Red Death" as the intro. Pretty cool.

3 years ago



3 years ago

jade mormontoy

...lml yeahhh

3 years ago

The Stoner Metalhead

This reminded me a lot of the russian sleep experimentation and thats awesome, brutal song gotta loved it 

3 years ago

Im Shurty

Was totally not paying attention at the end and almost shit myself.

3 years ago

Lare Osing Death Metal

#deathmetal #gent #belgium ABORTED - Expurgation Euphoria (OFFICIAL VIDEO - Censored)

3 years ago

Julisa Mcgranahan

Bad ass love the video

3 years ago

Abril Lopez

Eat yourself :D 

4 years ago

Julio Cesar Magnus Tadeo

Hahahahaaha fuck screamer dude! 

4 years ago

Andrew Ye Min Thu

whats the meaning behind this vid

4 years ago

DeathCore Quebec

belgium power \m/

4 years ago

Isac Vega

ABORTED - Expurgation Euphoria (OFFICIAL VIDEO - Censored)

4 years ago


Just watched the entire uncensored video from Aborted centurymdiausa link it was fucking sic! This band fucking rocks hail death metal.

4 years ago


Damn thats fucking sic but fucking brutal i like hail satan and death metal!

4 years ago

Joris Laforce

Shit mate, didn't know Belgium had such good bands :D

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