A love that will last - Renee Olstead (with lyrics) video free download

Duration: 03:33
Uploaded: 2012/01/10

"So... Call me romantic. I guess that's so"


2 years ago

portia senoa

my man just send me this song. too romantic

3 years ago

Lorie Short

Will be singing this song in my cousin's wedding :)

3 years ago

Kiana Escoto

I wish all of you "a love that will last" forever until your last breath. I want one too. I hope Prince Charming comes to me and built the broken pieces in my heart again. I wish all of you a happy and lovely life. Do'nt loose hope cause your one true love will come for sure. 

3 years ago

ପDavide Santeෆ

Like +1

3 years ago

Nicole Pena

Princess Diaries 2 took me here(: 

3 years ago

Carlo Pétrale

cette chanson me remue profondément que le film dans lequel je l'ai découverte, cette voix est aussi belle que la chanson...

3 years ago

starfall 2800

I love this song

3 years ago

Mariana Dias

"I don't want just a memory, give me forever."

3 years ago

Giuseppe Ferrazza

"I just want a love that will last." No bells, no whistles, simple and to the point. Brilliant, what a terrific song.

3 years ago

Dwinita P

call me romantic, I guess so...I wanna love that will last..#throwback #Thursday

3 years ago

Darrel Be

Man... This song is just soooo intoxicating. Even now, several years since I first heard it this song stills overwhelms me at time with its sentimentality. Just amazing really. Romance rap into one song

3 years ago

Travel Asians

Thanx Wan Little...you have the same taste i do...what a song. David Foster always a genius. So many became famous...simple yet so powerful. This song will last forever...it's my our favorite me and my better-half...always

3 years ago

Eliza Rayo

Awesome music and lyrics.....sigh, so romantic

3 years ago

touchen thao

Lol hi naly 

3 years ago


A love that will last

4 years ago

Satawat Medhanee

I totally love this song since the first time I heard it. <3

4 years ago

Christy Love

Beautiful song and that's exactly what I am hoping and praying for.

4 years ago

Roderick Young

such a beautiful song and singer

4 years ago

Bryan Allen

Ya wanna here something really freaky, listen to this & then give a listen to Nora Jones.The freaky part is, they sound so much alike.But both are still might purdy & can sing to.

4 years ago

mariaa sanchez

solo kiero llorar y quiero decirle a una persona eso tan lindo :)

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