6, 8, 12 - Brian McKnight (Legaci cover) video free download

Duration: 04:19
Uploaded: 2008/11/13

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Hey YouTuberz!

Due to a number of requests, we decided to do a classic R&B song by Brian McKnight. This is actually one of our favorite songs from Brian so we were stoked to do this for you.

Hope you like our acoustic rendition of 6, 8, 12!


Legaci LGC 6 8 12 Brian McKnight Back At One


2 years ago

ryoma echizen

:) nice voice mush up . . .

2 years ago



3 years ago

Maria Cha

- You guys are so talented! Completely fell in love! 

3 years ago

Danisha Harris

I'm hella in love with Chris 

3 years ago

I D. Lim

God bless you guys!

3 years ago

Hiro No

This cover is amazing

3 years ago


the one on the left is better! phenomenal voice 

3 years ago

phoebe bauden


3 years ago

nhica santos

Grabe yung palceto buong buo. Nice one, good job. Galing nyo guys :)

3 years ago


Great work!

3 years ago

Marcel Viola

Did Jaymillion leave the group ?

3 years ago

Monette Dave Tibayan

soooooooo love it! <3

3 years ago

Lance Nievera

"ISHHA BOY LEGACI" so 2008 ago hahaha love the cover bros!

3 years ago

Click Top

Go Pinoy!

3 years ago

Southpaw Billings

Your guys' harmony is absolutely unbelievable. Excellent job 

3 years ago

Rashard Williston

you guys killed it, man! wow, chills on my spine, goose bumps, what not.. i never thought guys from the Philippines could sing so damn good. omg... 

3 years ago


love you guys♡

3 years ago


I'm absolutely, completely, utterly, and beautifully... blown away. Stunning cover, so so beautiful. 

3 years ago

Dee Hill

You should go on the new Apollo Live

3 years ago

Zaliyah Gaines

This is great had me in tears 

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