02. Journey To The Past - Anastasia Soundtrack video free download

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Uploaded: 2009/12/22


Heart don't fail me now,

Courage don't desert me,

Don't turn back now that we're here.

People always say


is full of choices,

No one ever mentions fear.

Or how the world can seem so vast,

On a Journey--to the past.

Somewhere down this road,

I know someone's waiting.

Years of dreams

just can't be wrong!

Arms will open wide,

I'll be safe and wanted,

Fin'lly home where I belong.

Well, starting now, I'm learning fast,

On this journey--to the past.

Home, love, family.

There was once a time, I must have had them too.

Home, love, family.

I will never be complete

Until I find you...

One step at a time,

One hope, then another.

Who nows where this road may go--

Back to who I was,

On to find my future,

Things my heart still needs to know.

Yes, let this be a sign!

Let this road be mine,

Let it lead me to my past,

And bring me home...

At last!


3 years ago


I love this song

3 years ago

Tropicoco Seven

so beautiful... though i didn't know the people of Russia wanted the tsars back... poverty against the rich and glittering and all that?

3 years ago

Pheydenz Antonio

Oh my Grand Duchess i still love this movie since i was 5 when my mom showed me this movie <3 i still watch it till now

3 years ago



3 years ago

unicornoxtreme GT

I was on Netflix a few weeks ago and when I saw this on there, I was all like "OMG, I REMEMBER THAT MOVIE!!!" :D

3 years ago

Aladrina Waterleaf

I love her dress when they are at the ballet. The blue one.(I know that has nothing to do with this song but i just wanted to type that)

3 years ago



3 years ago

Janeth Escalante

Anastasia is my favorite princess and Mulan is my favorite disney princess 

3 years ago


Yes ! è_é/

3 years ago

Tivona S.

I <3 this song so much! ^.^

3 years ago

Renz Doria

wow talk about about feeling nostalgicI always hum this peculiar rhythm every now and then until this day and I didn't know where it came fromI finally found it! It's from the movie Anastasia. I distinctly remember watching this once as a kid and the rhythm in the first verse has been unconsciously engraved in my head :)

3 years ago

Cleide Gatz


3 years ago

Denise Archer

Can you stop talking about remaking perfection. That's the stupid thing all we do now is remake movies. Don't ruin this one by remaking it. 

3 years ago

Julia Marie

I would love love LOVE to see Laura Osnes as Anastasia if this were ever to get on Broadway! I definitely think she's got a good voice for it!

3 years ago


I don't know why Disney never had Liz Callaway do a voice in a movie. She did a few singing voices I think but she could've done an acting role. She'd have been great as Pocahontas or Esmeralda.

3 years ago


This reminds of Wicked...anyone else?

3 years ago


liz callaway.. I wish had a beautiful voice like hers. so amazing..

3 years ago

hannah sauceda

Singing my heart out to this. <3

3 years ago


omg i love this song this movie was so good!

3 years ago

Alexis Gutierrez

Look up what happened to the Rominov family. Interesting

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