The Beatles - Junk (Demo) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 02:25
Загружено: 2011/07/09


3 years назад

Phill Robinson

Seelemah Feggans . Great comment , sums up a peaceful song .

3 years назад


John Denver covered this on his 4th album in 1971. I put both versions in my Denver playlist. Thanks for the upload!

3 years назад


So much of this demo was remastered from the original Esher tape, but it's a damn fine touch-up. The birds chirping, the feedback at the end is in key, and the guitar playing -- it's all very charming and well produced via 1996.

3 years назад

Ben Dubs

To start to hear the truth side of the Beatles music, check out the section about the Beatles in ~~The Present.~~ Just g00gle 'truth contest', and click on ''The Present'' (it is the current top entry on the site). What it says will change the way you see and live your life.

4 years назад

Saleemah Feggans

My five year old has to listen to this before bed or she'll flip lol 

4 years назад


I remember listening to this song late in the night as I was working on art or just staying awake. It has such a dismal mood to it, so it really set the mood for being up alone at night. Such lovely memories

4 years назад

Tranquil soul

so chill

4 years назад

Amadeo Giordano

he clearly wrote this in india..

4 years назад

Billy Saefong

Paul's greatest song, ever.

5 years назад

Nick Venuto

the quaity is like amazing

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