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Загружено: 2010/11/22

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"I Saw Her Standing There" is a song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and is the opening track on The Beatles' debut album, Please Please Me, released in the United Kingdom by Parlophone on 22 March 1963.

A 1974 live version was released as a duet by Lennon and Elton John as the B-side to the latter's "Philadelphia Freedom" single. The song is available on the Lennon box set, and on Elton John's To Be Continued... box set as well as the expanded CD edition of his 1976 live album Here and There. Lennon's introduction:

" I'd like to thank Elton and the boys for having me on tonight. We tried to think of a number to finish off with so I can get out of here and be sick, and we thought we'd do a number of an old, estranged fiancé of mine, called Paul. This is one I never sang, it's an old Beatle number, and we just about know it. "

This was the last major live performance by John Lennon.

McCartney included "I Saw Her Standing There" on his live albums Tripping the Live Fantastic (1990), Back in the US (2002) and Back in the World (2003). In 1987, he recorded a new version for his album CHOBA B CCCP, but left it to outtakes. The song has become a mainstay of McCartney's live sets, and a special version was played when McCartney and his band returned to Liverpool in June 2008. It featured special guest drummer Dave Grohl, the lead singer of the Foo Fighters.

McCartney performed "I Saw Her Standing There" at the 1986 Prince's Trust Rock Gala, as part of the 10th anniversary celebration of HRH Prince Charles' charity. He was supported by an all-star band featuring Elton John, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Mark Knopfler, and Ray King. . Interviewed at the time, McCartney said: "It is a good thrill playing with musicians of this calibre...since it was a birthday thing, they wanted to do something silly at the end, and that's me!!" This performance was released to iTunes Stores in October 2009 as part of the Digital Video Singles label. Paul McCartney also performed a duet of this song with Billy Joel during the inaugural concert at Citi Field in Flushing, New York.

Other versions include:

* The Supremes recorded a version of the song under the title "I Saw Him Standing There." It was recorded during the sessions for their A Bit of Liverpool album, but remained unreleased until 2008.

* The Who filmed and recorded a version of the song for their film The Kids Are Alright; Keith Moon sang the lead vocal. However, this was not released on the film or soundtrack album, and has only been available on bootleg recordings. The Who also performed the song on their 1982 Farewell Tour, with John Entwistle on lead vocal, including a performance at Shea Stadium.

* Led Zeppelin performed the song live on 4 September 1970 at the Los Angeles Forum as a "Communication Breakdown" medley featuring "Good Times Bad Times" and "For What It's Worth" on the Live on Blueberry Hill bootleg.

* Daniel Johnston covered "I Saw Her Standing There" on his album Continued Story with Texas Instruments.

* In 1988, Tiffany released "I Saw Him Standing There" as a single and as a track on her self-titled debut album, which reached the top ten in Australia, Ireland, the UK and the US.

* Santo & Johnny did a version (which features steel guitar) on an LP of Beatle songs.

* In 1977, The Tubes covered "I Saw Her Standing There" on their live CD What Do You Want From Live.

* Carmaig de Forest recorded an acoustic version of "I Saw Her Standing There" in his own kitchen in 1991. Halfway through the song, it turns into his own composition "Julie Among the Redwoods", but reverts back to "I Saw Her Standing There" in the end.

* Peter Grant recorded a jazz version on his debut album New Vintage released in 2006.

* The Punkles did a punk cover on their first album, Beat The Punkles.

* Allister released a cover version on the Japanese-only EP, Guilty Pleasures.

* In 1991, Mexican singer Mimí recorded a Spanish version of this song called "Te Ví Parado Ahí" and included it on her self-titled debut album.

* Serbian doo wop band Vampiri recorded a version with lyrics in Serbian language entitled "Poziv na ples" ("Dance Invitation"), on their 1993 album Bebe.

* N.E.R.D's Pharrell Williams appeared at the 2004 Grammy Awards, performing the song on drums with Sting, Dave Matthews and Vince Gill.

* Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis on Jerry Lee Lewis's 2006 CD Last Man Standing.


2 years назад

Jimi Pickett

What a great song, pure gold. Who cares about the mix, the vintage recording sound helps make it

2 years назад

not Rusl

Paul was standing arm length away from the audience, amazing... his guitar was literally right in their face

2 years назад

Mugiwara Ricky

It's awesome how he plays that bass part and sings!

2 years назад

John Smith

That's the real Paul, not like that imposter.

2 years назад


I find it hilarious how all the girls scream whenever Paul does some sort of shouty thing

2 years назад


Performance wise this is great. But John's harmony is too high on the mix. :(

2 years назад

Jay Surles

I am sure who the next band is, but I bet they not do as well as there opening act.......

2 years назад

Brian Grant

Its sounds like my basement in 1965..... maybe worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years назад

Brian Grant

George isn't even miked! wtf.....

2 years назад

alien of fire

Los Beatles en el reto de la semana. 

2 years назад

John Smith

Look at the bitches at 01:40

2 years назад

Ana Rodríguez

(1,2,3,4!)Well, she was just 17You know what I meanAnd the way she looked was way beyond compareSo how could I dance with another (Ooh)When I saw her standing thereWell she looked at me, and I, I could seeThat before too long I'd fall in love with herShe wouldn't dance with another (Whooh)When I saw her standing thereWell, my heart went "boom"When I crossed that roomAnd I held her hand in mine...Whoah, we danced through the nightAnd we held each other tightAnd before too long I fell in love with herNow I'll never dance with another (Whooh)Since I saw her standing thereWell, my heart went "boom"When I crossed that roomAnd I held her hand in mine...Whoah, we danced through the nightAnd we held each other tightAnd before too long I fell in love with herNow I'll never dance with another (Whooh)Since I saw her standing there

2 years назад

Grey Owl

The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There (live) : 

2 years назад

Belle Zafiro

I saw her standing there

2 years назад


Boy this is a poor audio mix. John's backing vocal and rhythm guitar is way too hot; George's guitar solo at 1:43 is barely audible at all. Even so -- such a tight performance, as always.

2 years назад

Monserrat Lepe

They were enjoying it

2 years назад

Walter Mitty

Seconda: I Saw Her Standing There!(Obiettivo: smaltire il pollo col sugo e le patatine)

2 years назад


This is most lucky crowd ever

2 years назад

courtney cox

paul pls fuck me hard 

2 years назад

Yunel Messi

best bass playing on a song ever xD

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