Paul Gilbert Band - Something (The Beatles) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 03:25
Загружено: 2008/07/14

Paul Gilbert Band

Something (The Beatles)

Rolling Hall, Seoul, Korea



4 years назад

Ricardo Grande


5 years назад

claire wills

check out his cover of "while my guitar gentle weeps" ..........seriously people......

6 years назад


@jimistephen Yeah, thanks. I forwarded this to see if PG did a faithful homage to George Harrison's justly celebrated solo. Which, of course, he did.

6 years назад

Stephen Vickers

@zodiacbluesbaby one of the best guitarist in the world did a cover of a ballad by arguably the best band in the world and you want a thumbs up for being a douche, how about you just kill your self now.

6 years назад


Thumbs up if you forwarded straight to the guitar solo.

6 years назад

Michael Simpson

Awesome cover with passion!! Really brilliant and moving.

6 years назад

kikus ka

Great song, great cover :)) I use to watch this video very often :)

7 years назад


is that linus of hollywood playing bass?

8 years назад

Kevin Miranda

Man Paul is able to get spot on with Beatles Covers

8 years назад


felicitaciones desde argentina !! great cover , bye paul .

8 years назад


Great cover.

9 years назад


hes a fucking god

9 years назад

Boyle Suwono

Paul Gilbert is the MAN!

9 years назад


amazing , Paul you Rock man!!!

9 years назад


Oh HELL yeah!

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