O.T. Genasis - The Flyest [Official Audio] скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 03:49
Загружено: 2015/04/06

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2 years назад

Leo Kap

he should learn more english then maybe he could NOT SAY TEH SAME THING OVER AND OVER JESUS STUPI DNIGGER ON COKE HERE WOOO HOOO

2 years назад

Kristyn Moreland

I heard this on the Guys Choice Awards and I was like, I GOTTA FIND THIS SONG!

2 years назад


Who produced this? Almost sounds like a lex luger beat.

2 years назад

Gregory Robillard

Madden 16

2 years назад

Mr. Twodot

Ima be blastin this shit when madden 16 come out ..

2 years назад


Good beat and great hook, the rest is a waste since he pretty much does nothing with it.So much potential lost.

2 years назад

Tre Geauxhard24/7

Watch this get big.

2 years назад

Darren Herrera

Great rapper great song. F the haters. They retarted

2 years назад

shonny winin

beat raw asf this song nice 

2 years назад

Joseph DePaulo Jr

Whos here cause Obj has an Ugly ass whip in the Madden 16 trailer 

2 years назад

TÀÈ Roddriguez

Madden 16 bruhh lol 

2 years назад


Im NOT here cause of Madden.Fvck

2 years назад

SoL Falcon

I feel like the only reason anyone would click on this song is because of the Madden 16 trailer SMH "rappers" these days

2 years назад

Lisa Camacho

This beat sounds like something a supervillain would listen to

2 years назад

Buble gumbitch

What u looking at mama !

2 years назад

R Capone

How is he a 1 hit wonder when he has touchdown,touchdown remix, 3 parts of coco, and Ricky people are stupid

2 years назад

Joel Johnson

Seems he needs to take an English class.

2 years назад

Артур Златарёв

Russia respects you

2 years назад

Ronaldo Marshall

2 years назад

Willie Jones

He ain't no one hit wonder

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