O.T. Genasis - "Coco" (Acoustic Cover) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 05:39
Загружено: 2015/02/19

Detz covers O.T. Genasis' classic love song, "Coco." http://killakake.com



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Detz covers "Coco" by O.T. Genasis. He also actually has baking soda currently in his pantry.

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2 years назад

Josh Valdez

This is beatiful man. 

2 years назад

Carlos Cabrera

was gonna like but saw the shirt :/

2 years назад

Naomi W

this is lit

3 years назад

Lotti Totti

new to ur channel but im in love with u instead of the coco

3 years назад

DJ Blur

How can you keep a straight face ?

3 years назад

Mezaru Suzuki

Love it.

3 years назад

Perry Latour

I love it. 

3 years назад

almugtaba cover

Very cool why you don't sing eminem beautiful

3 years назад

David Pace

I'm sharing this with everyone at the karaoke bar. 

3 years назад

KriSS MusiKK

No disrespect to the original but this blows it out of the water, fav one of detz so far

3 years назад


U Guessed it by OG Maco

3 years назад

Jocke B Rosberg


3 years назад

Matthew Aronhalt

Still haven't heard this actual song, but I keep hearing about it. This is brilliant, genius, hilarious take though. Wish I had this level of brilliance!

3 years назад

Pedro Henrique

Hahaha amazing! 

3 years назад


+Ariel Dumagan haha thanks glad you dig it!

3 years назад

Mikkel Nielsen

A video from this channel can simply always make a day better.A cover, original song, updates, no matter what.

3 years назад

Milford Desouza

So different so awesome!!!

3 years назад

Felipe Ferreira Lima

Eminem - Beautiful

3 years назад


Still waiting for that cover of "forever" from lil wayne drake eminem kanye west :P

3 years назад

Casey Mitsch

A stunning rendition of the timeless classic, "Coco." The raw emotion demonstrated here really tugs at the heartstrings. Keep up the good work guys.

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