Obie Trice feat. Eminem - Rap Name [High Quality] скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 03:51
Загружено: 2009/02/26

"Rap Name" is the first single by Obie Trice.

At the time Obie Trice was just signed to Shady Records and was featured on Eminem's album The Eminem Show, the film 8 Mile and The Anger Management Tour. Shady released this song as promotional single for the newly-signed rapping upstart but Obie was sent to jail before he could record what would be Cheers.

Music video features the same intro from the "Without Me" video. It shows Obie Trice going for his driver's license but drives recklessly and crashes in a pole in his neighborhood. It also features cameos from Eminem, D12 (minus Bizarre) and DJ Green Lantern.

The first lines explains most of the song material and Obie's presence in Hip-Hop. The line "real name, no gimmicks" refers to the fact that he uses his real name and not an alias. He makes references to Eminem and how he has signed mostly black rappers ("I got the white boys mad at me caused Em signed another black boy like he nigga-happy"). He also references other things like Pamela Anderson, Mad Max, Down to Earth, Rocky and Eric B. & Rakim.


3 years назад

Lucien Callidus

lol d12sex: aloteyes: on ya girl

3 years назад

Drake Espree

Trice not dead I heard on the radio that he was shot in the troat probably because he know the truth about the real Eminem and not this clone we see now

3 years назад

Raivis Miķelsons

did obie trice die?

3 years назад

kristers quary

did Obi Trice die? because i don't hear anything about him anymore...?

3 years назад


i swear the driving instructor is in the key of awesome

3 years назад

Alexzander Carthan

what was the oringnal version

3 years назад

Sol Myers

Obie Trice/real name, no gimmicks...

3 years назад

Dustin Hanor

Is he even relevant anymore? :/

3 years назад


Damn I miss the old days

3 years назад

Alex Tocho

the guy from Barely Political! 

3 years назад


Two trailer park girls..... OOPS

3 years назад


The names Small Arms Trice

3 years назад

Le Tigre

Does anyone knows the name of the album where this song came out ?I lost it there are songs featuring 50 cent and D12 (the rap game)and one girl sings a R&B song tooI can't find it!

3 years назад


Well I'm drunk right now, but still I got a gun. Beef? (pow pow) best-ta run! HAHAHA! Obie is a G(enius)

3 years назад

Dan Bennett

I came here from 50 - in da club And the start of in da club it has a video from Eminem - without me and at the start of without me it has the start of this song!? Wtf

4 years назад

turd sandwich

Man, this is some good rap!

4 years назад


i miss real hiphop

4 years назад


Without me brought me here

4 years назад


This is the intro to Eminem's Without me

4 years назад

Elizabeth Knope

I remember listening to this song all the time :)

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