Ludacris - Grass Is Always Greener (Explicit) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 04:55
Загружено: 2015/06/13





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Ludacris - Grass Is Always Greener (Explicit)


2 years назад

Marcos Munoz

Love it. It's a good perspective of life of craziness and a life of settling down with a family someone battles with. One Luda is settled with a family and the other one is partying. 

2 years назад


Ludacris > Drake. P.s. I don't listen to rap music haha just came hear to comment.

2 years назад

Malissa Sylvain

Dope sweater! N finally hip hop needed a change, Luda back!

2 years назад

Jay Monte

Check out this video on YouTube:

2 years назад

Aaron Rael

Damn...I was not expecting something like this! yeah theres some cheesy trademark Ludacris lyrics but over all this track means business! wooed

2 years назад


Hot ish!!! Luda snapped!! Grown folks hip-hop!!! 

2 years назад


Underground rap :) check my channel out ppl the world sleeping on me bro

2 years назад

fletcher kimilike

dope song dope video,,he hit his target 100

2 years назад

Drew Ortega

I was hoping they were going to show rapper Luda in bed with actor Luda's lady at the end.

2 years назад


LUDA!!!!! <3

2 years назад


It's disgusting that 'Rae Smremed(however you spell it)' have more views for their garbage songs compared to this original meaningful one.Relatable. Original.Fun. Lyrical.4 words I can't associate with most rap artists today.

2 years назад

Fernando Tolentino

Is it just me or anyone else saw his giant eyes on 2:29 ?

2 years назад

Angela Mary

Ok luda!

2 years назад

Xquavius Ellison

Just don't look at his bushes.I don't know much slang but I took that literal and laughed like crazy until I watched the video again & found out what it really meant.

2 years назад

HeadButts 4Bowlos

Life is,

2 years назад


All I can think of is Luda on the Breakfast Club talking about his "Twwoooo Pllaaannneess"

2 years назад

Deejay Xy


2 years назад

lilibet mendez

No I don't like sorry i still love you

2 years назад

Bullet Holes

Hi everybody! We are a band.We are making videos to make ourselves known on the net.Could you check out out channel please? :)

2 years назад

Mike Mac

Truth Music!!!!! #Ludacris 

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