Kylie Minogue - Your Disco Needs You (HD) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 03:48
Загружено: 2010/04/08

Official HD Promo Video for Kylie Minogue's fantastic single 'Your Disco Needs You'.

Your Disco Needs You is available to buy right now from all major retailers, including the Kylie Store at

For more information on Kylie, don't forget to keep checking her official website,, or check out what's happening right NOW on her Twitter account, at


2 years назад


I declare this the gayest song ever written!

2 years назад


I fucking love this song, and if that means I have to now get a divorce, move to Brighton and become "a gay", then so be it. Here I come fellas.

3 years назад

Nick Travolta

play list do Raiden!Jovem Nerd kkkkk

3 years назад

Jon Pinilla

I cant stop singing and playing this song!!!! no help needed! lol

3 years назад

F Xinia V 14

que subliminal es esta chica XD

3 years назад

Sarah Zane

Urge to hear this.In 2015.*******!!!!*******

3 years назад

Nelson Neto

Nerdplayer \0

3 years назад


Watching Cucumbers on Logo and had to see the video of "your disco"

3 years назад

Leslie Nope

*feeling gay*

3 years назад

Chen TianCheng

Cucumber brought me here

3 years назад

Jessik Lopez


3 years назад

Alyssa Graves

Why tf is she duplicating in most of her videos

3 years назад

David S

Funnily enough this single only reached 152 in UK - singles before and after all top 10 hits. Strange.....regardless of how good or bad this song is, I wonder why this one, just this one, didn't chart. The other single from this album (released before this one) got to number 10, and the single after this one was the mighty 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' - that reached number 1 (not surprisingly...great tune). Any thoughts peeps? :o)

3 years назад

Nick H

nudisco nudisco nudisco needs you

3 years назад

Nathan Bakken

Because of the new show Cucumber, I downloaded this song and can't stop listening!

3 years назад

Saskia Fernandez

And me

3 years назад



3 years назад

Elaine Nicholson

your disco needs you!

3 years назад

Darren Mckay

Possibly one of the gayest songs ever written by this woman I LOVE IT :-) 

3 years назад

Helena Alice

Cucumber tho 

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