Kylie Minogue - Step Back In Time скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 03:10
Загружено: 2010/10/08

Music video by Kylie Minogue performing Step Back In Time. (C) 1990 Mushroom Records, a unit of Warner Bros. Records



I wanna funk

I wanna f-f-u f-u-n-k


I wanna funk, I wanna funk

I wanna f-f-u f-u-n-k


Non stop dancing the bus stop

To the funky music

Hustle, pumpin the muscle

Blame it on the boogie


Remember the old days

Remember the O'Jays

Walkin' in rhythm, life was for livin'


When you can't find the music

To get down and boogie

All you can do is step back in time

Ball of confusion

When nothing is new, and

There's nothing doin', step back in time


Keep on truckin' along

Riding on a love train

And then we can float on

You'll never go wrong


Step back in time

Step back

I wanna step back, step back



[repeat & fade]


2 years назад

Neo Anderson

I got my first erection back in the 90s watching Kylie dance in this video. I wish I could go back to those old days and Step Back In Time.

2 years назад

luis hernandez

yes, The World's End

2 years назад

Christophe le Moing

moi non plus!!!!!

2 years назад


naugnty pop tart

2 years назад

Antonio Guarino

GET #SaturdayNIghtFEVER !

2 years назад

Rosy Grasso

Faboulous dancer at 1:08 minuts i love !! i love this song and Kylie

3 years назад

Tom Matthews

That is a damn good pop song 

3 years назад


Dang she was such a fox back in the

3 years назад


kylie still freaken awesome

3 years назад



3 years назад

David S

Well well. Just checked all of her single chart positions (UK) and pretty much all of her 56 singles had high (Top 20) positions, with most Top 10. I thought she went through more than one lean period, but it would seem not. Don't know what my point is, just that it surprised me. Well, as a huge fan of her ass, but not all of her music (a few of 'em) I'm really pleased for her. What's your favourite? 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' is mine.....although I haven't heard all 56 of them. :o)

3 years назад

Brenda Chanza

Every body's saying Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson brought funk back but hell no...Kylie did it more than 20 years ago.

3 years назад


1990...pas mal non plus tout ça

3 years назад

Dominic Fastbender

Just got into my roommates youtube account. Thank you google. This is gold right here and I will be using it to destroy lives.

3 years назад

chris mckeown

love it

3 years назад

Gabriela Růžičková

Very nice! Still love Kylie since 1988.....

3 years назад

lacey small

Is anyone else here because they watched the worlds end! I fucking love that film. Ive seen it so many times i know most of the words off by heart x I LOVE SIMON AND NICK

3 years назад

Brayam Teran

Buen tema saludoa desde bolivia

3 years назад

Zach Elsbecker

Love this song. For some reason though, it makes me think of robots filled with blue stuff.

3 years назад

Diego Vergara

My Aphrodite always perfect!

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