Kylie Minogue - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Live) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 05:25
Загружено: 2006/04/30

Rare performance (I believe) of Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend. Badly mimed, but still fabulous!

(Thanks to 'fedex' for the original video!)


3 years назад

Manuel Luna

She has such a good voice!!! Kylie could easily sing opera!!

3 years назад



3 years назад


I think its a thrilling performance and also that kylie did all the right moves that Marilyn did in the original musical numberExcellent!

3 years назад


Her voice !!!! Wwwoowww !!!

3 years назад


Where's her mic?

3 years назад

Adrian Quiróz


3 years назад

Demi Ladipo-Eki

Those nos aren't hers

3 years назад


Marylin was unique. okay. but Kylie did her best. nowadays Kylie is the showgirl. she's unique. get over it.

4 years назад

Marat Shogen

It's just amazin! Wonderful!!!!!))))

4 years назад

Todd Joyea


4 years назад


Kylie Minogue como Marilyn Monroe.

4 years назад

kevin derren

thats right,she is ok, but ther is on marilyn. that is it i thing all the moviestars no one is to coppy

4 years назад

Tatiana L

I like Nicole Scherzinger's version better. It has more kick to it. This one is boring!!! 

4 years назад

day light

its a tribute, not a competition Jonny

4 years назад

Jonny Vegas

She´s a great singer, Doubt! But it takes more then a blonde wig and a fancy dress to look like Marilyn Monroe. Kylie is a very pretty girl/woman, but specially here you can clearly see, her faceual structure, She doesent even come close to Marilyn when it comes to pure beauty! No one as beautiful as Monroe...ever.

4 years назад


Who hasn't imitated Marilyn? They all try, but no one comes close to her. She is very much missed. :(

4 years назад

Mihaela Georgescu

check out my cover of this song

4 years назад


I love her squeaky "No!" at the beginning!

4 years назад

Fernanda S. Lima

Perfect show <3

4 years назад

Kuna w Agreście

No . ! marilyn Monroe is best

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