Jimmy Eat World - You Are Free (Lyric Video) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 04:16
Загружено: 2016/10/14

Jimmy Eat World's New Album 'Integrity Blues' Featuring "Get Right", "Sure and Certain" and "You With Me" Available Now:

iTunes - http://smarturl.it/JEWIBi?IQid=yt

Apple Music - http://smarturl.it/JEWIBa?IQid=yt

Spotify - http://smarturl.it/JEWIBs?IQid=yt

Google Play - http://smarturl.it/JEWIBg?IQid=yt

Amazon - http://smarturl.it/JEWIBaz?IQid=yt

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5 months назад

Mayra Darre

I loooooveeee you <3 Such an amazing band!

5 months назад

Alvaro Tafur

My favorite on the new record, it's fucking amazing!

5 months назад

Chase Webster

...they're back

5 months назад

Hogan Lerman

Just a comment passing by before it reaches the moon...

6 months назад

M Y (HitsMusicReview)


6 months назад

Average Joe

Nobody else picked up the message of the video? Flat earth, boom.

6 months назад


I didn't love the other singles, but this one stuck with me. Just a sweet simple song like many of their classics.

6 months назад

Javo Feroz

This one is my favorite from the new album, great song and video, kinda reminds me the Here to Mars lyric video from C&C, great job!

6 months назад

Sarah Baker

Can we talk about how subliminal the footage is and how it complements the lyrics?!!

6 months назад

Lex Luthor

Anthony Conehead Frantini has been bashing these singles, these are their best songs in a long time. Didn't really care for Damages, but these songs sound much better! Damages was a 3/5 album for me, this feels like a 4/5 or 4.5/5. This band has never been my type, but these new songs have earned a new Fan.

6 months назад

Jordan Riker

Whats with these old bands coming back and making lyric videos?

6 months назад


lovely :))

6 months назад

lucas de souza

brasil !

6 months назад

Ed Ahmed

I hope to see JEW live in concert some day, it is one of my must do things ... Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder) & JEW have defined me through their words....

6 months назад

Ed Ahmed

Life best told :) Is it any different for anyone? Everyone has their own cross to bear. A song that shows why JEW are my fav band...

6 months назад

Synarchy Matt

I didn't know they still made music but I hope they keep making music like this. keep up the good work.

6 months назад

TheBig UnoDos

Thank you for creating more music.

6 months назад

Phil Daily

reminds me of Clarity....loving it!

6 months назад

Kristin Hill

Damn. Friday needs to hurry up. Loving what has been released so far!

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