Jimmy Eat World - You Are Free (Lyric Video) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 04:16
Загружено: 2016/10/14

Jimmy Eat World's New Album 'Integrity Blues' Featuring "Get Right", "Sure and Certain" and "You With Me" Available Now:

iTunes - http://smarturl.it/JEWIBi?IQid=yt

Apple Music - http://smarturl.it/JEWIBa?IQid=yt

Spotify - http://smarturl.it/JEWIBs?IQid=yt

Google Play - http://smarturl.it/JEWIBg?IQid=yt

Amazon - http://smarturl.it/JEWIBaz?IQid=yt

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10 months назад

Mayra Darre

I loooooveeee you <3 Such an amazing band!

10 months назад

Alvaro Tafur

My favorite on the new record, it's fucking amazing!

10 months назад

Chase Webster

...they're back

11 months назад

Hogan Lerman

Just a comment passing by before it reaches the moon...

11 months назад

M Y (HitsMusicReview)


11 months назад

Average Joe

Nobody else picked up the message of the video? Flat earth, boom.

11 months назад


I didn't love the other singles, but this one stuck with me. Just a sweet simple song like many of their classics.

11 months назад

Javo Feroz

This one is my favorite from the new album, great song and video, kinda reminds me the Here to Mars lyric video from C&C, great job!

11 months назад

Sarah Baker

Can we talk about how subliminal the footage is and how it complements the lyrics?!!

11 months назад

Lex Luthor

Anthony Conehead Frantini has been bashing these singles, these are their best songs in a long time. Didn't really care for Damages, but these songs sound much better! Damages was a 3/5 album for me, this feels like a 4/5 or 4.5/5. This band has never been my type, but these new songs have earned a new Fan.

11 months назад

Jordan Riker

Whats with these old bands coming back and making lyric videos?

11 months назад


lovely :))

11 months назад

lucas de souza

brasil !

11 months назад

Ed Ahmed

I hope to see JEW live in concert some day, it is one of my must do things ... Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder) & JEW have defined me through their words....

11 months назад

Ed Ahmed

Life best told :) Is it any different for anyone? Everyone has their own cross to bear. A song that shows why JEW are my fav band...

11 months назад

Synarchy Matt

I didn't know they still made music but I hope they keep making music like this. keep up the good work.

11 months назад

TheBig UnoDos

Thank you for creating more music.

11 months назад

Phil Daily

reminds me of Clarity....loving it!

11 months назад

Kristin Hill

Damn. Friday needs to hurry up. Loving what has been released so far!

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