I Wanna Grow Old With You - Westlife скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 04:10
Загружено: 2008/05/11

Another one of my lyric videos XD.

Having come back to see this video I realized how inaccurate my explanation was. Since posting this I have been hurt over and over again. But to me right now, that no longer matters.. I found the single most amazing woman ever! So this is for everyone who has someone to hold and love, or found someone they would like to tell how much they care, someone they just lost, you name it. It's for you all!

Thank you everyone for the comments, and for putting this video above 1 millions views, I never expected that... this was created to tell someone how I felt, shows just how much we all feel for someone doesn't it.

I will keep creating videos... there may be long gaps between them but that is because I am trying to find the rights songs that you would want to hear

If there are any suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

Song: I Wanna Grow Old With You

Artist: Westlife


2 years назад

Akiiki Tabitha

So lovely and touching,i pray to listen to this song with someone special in years to come.xxx

2 years назад

Dreamer Dreamers


2 years назад

Patricia west

The man of my life shared its song with meI wanna grow old with you that's a beautiful Song I love him so much.

2 years назад

Daungporn Promphuwal

This is my feeling to you forever our love thirak I can't live without you that true in my life 

2 years назад

Warlyn Barroga

Check out this video on YouTube:

2 years назад

Ritu Wadhwa

Aww. Beautiful dream

2 years назад

Darnett Fuller

This yunr dedicated, from soneone special to me. I hope we will one day reunite do ad we csn grow old together it as been a while. 

2 years назад

Lovng Lovngness


2 years назад

Philip Mwakyusa

I love this song its for ma bf .... love him a lot

2 years назад

Marilou Garay

i wanna grow old with you.

2 years назад


My adorable, handsome doggie. I will forever love you. You made me the happiest I could've ever been. I will miss you but will always remember you. Thank you for these wonderful 10 years. I love you

2 years назад

Ahmad Ali

I wish if Westlife would not split up, but I felt heart broken when I heard they did, they parted their ways...ahh poor end to such a remarkable career...

2 years назад

Chen Tsan Sze


2 years назад

christine activa

I wan na grow old with you i love you soooo much...

2 years назад

Jyoti Lather


2 years назад

genevie lindayao

I wanna grow old with you ..I pray that everyday and night to God that he would let us together.. I will always love you no matter what ..

2 years назад

Rowena Pendog

Set with u until the last breath,,

2 years назад

Gabriel Gandall

I Wanna Grow Old With You -

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