I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift - Cover by 13 yr old Madi :) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 03:43
Загружено: 2012/11/26

Taylor Swift's new song I knew You Were Trouble from her Red album was instantly one of my favorite songs. I had the most fun making this video, thanks so much to my friend Troy for filming another video with me. In case anyone doesn't understand why he is coming out of a locker, see my previous Taylor Swift video, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and you'll understand! Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3P05cLUjwo

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Thank you!! x Madi :)


2 years назад


lol love it so asume daceing like crazy in my room. l l o

2 years назад


she needs to eat something

2 years назад

kay fastpitch #10

That sweater makes you look normal weight! Maybe eat a burger when you don't wanna wear sweaters. 

2 years назад

aleksei homich

from russia

2 years назад

Joseph Levin

This a super good video

2 years назад

Yeinalis Quinones

I love u

2 years назад

Crystal Martinez

I like this song and you are so pretty

2 years назад

Aliesha Stanbury

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years назад

Aliesha Stanbury

You look pretty

2 years назад

Megan Haverbusch

Who cares

2 years назад

Emily Langford

Are you single

2 years назад

Abdulazaz Said

U are pretty and a good singer 

2 years назад

Charlene Figueroa

You have a good dining voice

2 years назад

Zoe Fernanda Morales

I. Like. It

2 years назад

Karla Palacios


2 years назад

Melissa Rogers

Are you 16 now?????????????

2 years назад

Cassidy Francis

you suck

2 years назад

angel Bui bui


2 years назад

Jaiden Acker

I dont like her singing

2 years назад

Marshall Madness

Good job

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