Grizzly Bear - Four Cypresses (Lyric Video) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 04:50
Загружено: 2017/06/23

Grizzly Bear "Four Cypresses":

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6 months назад


It's Grammy time. Oh, wait, the Grammys completely suck.

6 months назад

Daine Carlisle

this is what you get when the rest of the band is as good as Brian Wilson. Tastefully complex beautiful music.

6 months назад

Juddson Toski

this is absolutely incredible.

6 months назад

Clément Genevois

Kid A vibes...

6 months назад

Renally Monteiro

Vocês são foda ❤❤❤

6 months назад


favorite release so far

6 months назад


grizzly bear deserve more recognition

6 months назад

Tyler Ram

Do a Tiny Desk Concert

6 months назад

Jason O'Dea

Strange and familiar at the same time, as if it's a person and these two feelings are melting into one another into a form you can't understand. Something like that.The drumming on this and Three Rings is astonishing in both it's creativity and technical proficiency. I'm excited for this album.

6 months назад

Mely Barrera

Suenan súper cooool

6 months назад

Anna Laurent

My dream is to see Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes in an outdoor concert so I can trip out and dance around all hippie-like.

6 months назад

Luis Calil

Chris Bear been studying some Tony Allen.

6 months назад

pablo vieira

came to brazil

6 months назад


Wow fucking new to this but sounds good

6 months назад


The only song so far that I really like from the new album. Dannyboy really needs to go full time solo

6 months назад

Russ Wood

Tickles the part of my brain that thirsts for new sounds.

6 months назад

Jessica Rozalowska

Put this on an endless loop, my life would be complete

6 months назад

greg williams

I really think Ed's comments about Taylor Swift PLUS his intense backing of Bernie Sanders PLUS the way they are releasing this album at a snails pace is really making people uninterested. I mean look at the views on all their songs.... they SHOULD be bigger...

6 months назад

ro coco


6 months назад



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