Erev shel shoshanim - Mike Brant & Nana Mouskouri скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 03:26
Загружено: 2009/06/21

I have made a new video mix of the Hebrew song Erev shel shoshanim by Mike Brant & Nana Mouskouri. The video is edited by combining three recordings from other YouTubers and an audio track which I also obtained from another YouTube user. Sorry for the bad audio-visual quality but since the recording was made in 1971, copies with good quality are hard to obtain. Bellow are given the lyrics in phonetical transcription.

Erev šel šošanim

Nece na el habustan

Mor besamim ulevona

Leragleğ miftan.

Lajla jored le'at

Veru'ağ šošan nošva

Hava elğaš lağ šir balat

Zemer šel ahava

Šağar homa jona

Rošeğ male t'lalim

Piğ el haboker šošana

Ekte feğenuli.


2 years назад


Tu es toujours là dans nos coeurs et dans nos têtes Mike !!! On ne t'oubliera jamais !!! 40 ans aujourd'hui que tu nous as quittés pour rejoindre les étoiles !!!

3 years назад

gerard sarfati

tov meod

3 years назад

Dudik Shomer

כמה מרגש ונעים להקשיב לשירים של פעם . נוסטלגיה ממשית. 

3 years назад

מנחם חפר

מרגש מאוד

3 years назад

Carola Poschadel


3 years назад


magnifique, superbe.

3 years назад


Que c'est BEAU !!!

4 years назад

Monique Vanmechelen

beautiful, song nana !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 years назад

Μιχαλης Φραγκος

I can understand from Macedonia where salonica? Duck Skopje Macedonia is HELENIC! 

4 years назад

clarence paturel

quelle dommage l'enregistrement est pas bon mais quelle belle voix

4 years назад

Arlette LANG

une très belle rarité

4 years назад


Your transcription of the song is correct except for the last line. It should read: Ektefenu li. (I shall pick it for myself).

4 years назад


Thanks for up-loading this beautiful rendition! What letters of which language did you use for your English lyrics? They aren't Latin letters in which the English language is written. I suppose it's a script from the Slavic languages, but am not sure. Is it? By the way, are there more songs that Nana sings in Hebrew?

5 years назад


Thanks, thanks and thanks. I didn't know this song

5 years назад

Eric Cartman

אין כמוך מייק

5 years назад

יהודה חניה

Dear mike!!! What's a talent, with nana its grate song, he must be with us, i don't know who?

5 years назад

rumy rouge

Mike, tu etais le meilleur et tu seras toujours le meilleur.

6 years назад

Tsvi Guitton

Nana mouskouri et Mike brant !!!Mr DRUKER un oubli ENORME !!!!!!! "Emission vivement dimanche" -Vivement Mike brant surtout........ A méditer.. Tsvi

6 years назад


Thumbs up if u think the women in the music video is Hot!

6 years назад



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