Colby O'Donis - Lean (Official) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 03:28
Загружено: 2013/10/02

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Music video by Colby O'Donis performing Lean

© 2013 Z-Entertainment Records

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Produced by The Composer

Written by Colby O'Donis


Directed by Drew Kirsch

Produced by Z-entertainment

Executive Producer: Steve Zap

Producer: Nicole Jamal

Producer: Bob DeBelina


3 years назад

Karianne Gonzalez

You need to make your comeback now. Don't wait any longer! This song is so amazing, I can already hear it on the radio like the old ones. But you need to act now!!!

3 years назад


Colby O'Donis is dope.

3 years назад

Chris Adam

there are some really silly comments. Not every song has to have a message. Sometime music is just for Fun!

3 years назад

Roel van Dinther

Lets be honest this is a nice song 

3 years назад

Fredy zb

good song keep making new music Colby you are amazing

3 years назад

Abigail Lopez

Great video and song! 

3 years назад


Akon's a bitch for what he did to you. I'm glad you're still fighting your way to the top. Don't give up, bro.

3 years назад

Eduardo Jaimes

Cool Colby!

3 years назад

Sean McKenna

I want you to know that "start over" doesn't even have a WIki're literally nothing. Everything you have been successful from has been you featuring someone who has something going for them. You're really ew Colby. 

3 years назад

Salah Kout

where is the WHAT U GOT singer

3 years назад

Emma Ione

Wow after watching the video 309 times I remembered this is that guy from brook knows best xD,

3 years назад

Miguel Caamano


3 years назад

Sharon Hunter

He is fine. 

3 years назад


Get asap rocky on this and it'll be a bigger smash.. you sounding like a young Mj bro

3 years назад

Jerry Brown

He still with akon ?

3 years назад


Colby i really love your voice!! I'm hearing your music since years please never stop making music <3

3 years назад


I'm surprised I wasn't expecting this to sound good even though I really liked his album from a while ago. He's even cuter now.

3 years назад


Sick as fuck!

4 years назад

you dub

Why arent there more plays on this?! gotta admit the video blows but the song is great!!!!

4 years назад

Elmer Guzman

The song was great but the video is fucking ulgy

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