15 year old Leona Lewis singing - Loving You (old recording) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 05:11
Загружено: 2007/03/18

NOTE: This is an audio recording that leona did when she was 15 years old, the video was made by ME and shows her on the x-factor when she was 21.

Not my best video, but I wanted to share the song more than anything. Its an amazing find.

-----News Article with Marley about this track--------

When former Brit School pupil Leona takes to the stage for Saturday's The X Factor final, a music producer from Upper Norwood will be dreaming of what might have been.

Marley J Wills, a 32-year-old father of four, told the Croydon Guardian how he recorded several tracks with Leona when she was just 15-years-old.

Together, Marley said they generated interest from record producers overseas. However, shortly before the pair were due to travel to the US, Marley was told Leona would instead be going with her dad and he never saw her again.

Speaking about the first time they met, Marley, a teaching assistant at Cypress Infant School, said: "I was singing in a studio in Tooting, putting material together because there was a showcase coming up, and Leona came through the door.

According to Marley, an American record company contacted him after seeing them perform together.

"For someone so young it was going to be mega," Marley added, "We started putting more material together and they met with us and said they wanted Leona to sing a version of Minnie Ripperton's Loving You.

"She was young and innocent but very much able. Even then she had a very good voice. We started putting tracks together straight away."

"Leona could hit the notes and I think she did it better than the original. We were very excited about it and then time passed and we got a phone call saying they would send tickets.

"But Leona's dad decided he was going to America beforehand and that he would take her with him. I never saw her again until I saw her on the television."

Marley insists he is not bitter and said he was happy to help Leona in some small way. "I was born to sing so I would just help everybody," he said. "I always try to take negative and put positive there. I was disappointed at the time but it put me into another situation and now I have a new producer."

Marley, who also once sang in a group with another X Factor finalist, Robert Allen, said he will be voting for Leona to win the popular contest on Saturday night.

"Leona's great. I'd love her to win if just for the fact that I knew her. Leona has got what it takes to become phenomenal."


Leona Lewis


2 years назад

Duc Pham

sounds so innocent and beautiful

2 years назад


I liked both of their voices. The guy's voice is unique and he did a good job in my opinion. I'm glad Leona changed the lyrics to fit her age at the time lol

3 years назад

Dina D'Souza

I actually really love marley j willis's voice! wish i could hear more of it

3 years назад


her voice is so pretty, I really like this song and of course Minnie sang it so beautifully, but Leona did well , her tone quality sounds good. 

3 years назад

Youmie Gee

i love Leona she is one of my favorite singer... i love her all song's i love her voice how i wish i can be her cause i love her voice super. HAHAHA but anyway i love you so much leona im your one of the filipino fan, mwah!!! i hope you have a concert here in the philippines in cdo. :)

3 years назад

Roslyn Rawls

I just listened to the Minnie Riperton Vesion. She was not 15 when she recorded it. This little girl is A...MAZ..ING!

3 years назад

Motley Byron

FUCKING white people...there is a difference between T-Pain and Leona Lewis...T-Pain is an entertainer...Leona Lewis has one of THE great voices of the last 200 years....all the HATERS out there...sad...

3 years назад

tuan luong


3 years назад

Princess Jessica

this is better than the original

4 years назад

Jimmi Johnson

That was great. She is really talented.

4 years назад


she was incredible

4 years назад

Ramon LeBlanc Harts

Great remake Leona!

4 years назад


I'm afraid I'd birth a hamster if I tried to hit a note that high... I tried years ago and nearly birthed a ferret :P

4 years назад



4 years назад

Sasha Little

um, sorry, do you know me? if you do then hi, but that's not nice so please refrain from saying things like that :) if you don't.... well then 1 how do know that? 2 what evidence have you got and 3 please go away

4 years назад

Joseph Patterson

If you want Minnie Riperton, then go listen to Minnie Riperton. THIS is the Leona Lewis' cover of the song and as usual (remember RUN?) Leona takes it to a very different level. Marley sings a good backing track and they harmonize off of each other. Props to both of them.

4 years назад

Sasha Little

It's REALLY REALLY autotuned. You can hear it clearly, the way her voice breaks into all of the notes and his vibrato is too shaky (autotuned)

4 years назад

Joseph Patterson

He is Marly Wills.

4 years назад

Jorge Felipe

essa musica ficou muito linda nessa versão.

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