Grizzly Bear - Four Cypresses (Lyric Video) descargar videos gratis

Duración: 04:50
Subido: 2017/06/23

Grizzly Bear "Four Cypresses":

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9 months ago


It's Grammy time. Oh, wait, the Grammys completely suck.

9 months ago

Daine Carlisle

this is what you get when the rest of the band is as good as Brian Wilson. Tastefully complex beautiful music.

9 months ago

Juddson Toski

this is absolutely incredible.

9 months ago

Clément Genevois

Kid A vibes...

9 months ago

Renally Monteiro

Vocês são foda ❤❤❤

10 months ago


favorite release so far

10 months ago


grizzly bear deserve more recognition

10 months ago

Tyler Ram

Do a Tiny Desk Concert

10 months ago

Jason O'Dea

Strange and familiar at the same time, as if it's a person and these two feelings are melting into one another into a form you can't understand. Something like that.The drumming on this and Three Rings is astonishing in both it's creativity and technical proficiency. I'm excited for this album.

10 months ago

Mely Barrera

Suenan súper cooool

10 months ago

Anna Laurent

My dream is to see Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes in an outdoor concert so I can trip out and dance around all hippie-like.

10 months ago

Luis Calil

Chris Bear been studying some Tony Allen.

10 months ago

pablo vieira

came to brazil

10 months ago


Wow fucking new to this but sounds good

10 months ago


The only song so far that I really like from the new album. Dannyboy really needs to go full time solo

10 months ago

Russ Wood

Tickles the part of my brain that thirsts for new sounds.

10 months ago

Jessica Rozalowska

Put this on an endless loop, my life would be complete

10 months ago

greg williams

I really think Ed's comments about Taylor Swift PLUS his intense backing of Bernie Sanders PLUS the way they are releasing this album at a snails pace is really making people uninterested. I mean look at the views on all their songs.... they SHOULD be bigger...

10 months ago

ro coco


10 months ago



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