GLEE - Somebody That I Used To Know (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD descargar videos gratis

Duración: 02:38
Subido: 2013/09/16

GLEE - Full Performance of Somebody That I Used To Know.

Sung by: Blaine Anderson/Darren Criss and Cooper Anderson/Matt Bomer.

From 3x15: "Big Brother".


2 years ago

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I feel like my mind and body are constantly screwing me over. I've been attracted to about 10 guys. 7 of those guys were gay and the other 3 were in another relationship. I'm forever alone.

2 years ago


Darren Criss and Matt Bomer - 2 of the most Beautiful, Gorgeous men ever. Yummy!

2 years ago

Mara M.

I luvvv Blaineee

2 years ago

Jesse Pinkman

How Blaine can looks so hot with his puppy eyes in the same time?

2 years ago

Kristin Farquhar F


2 years ago

Huy Vo

Good :)

2 years ago


eeehhhh...seems good, but it doesn't have that...vibe and feeling the original had

2 years ago

Martina Stoessel

Matt Bomer is my idol. I just love him as Cooper Anderson. I was a fan of him since i was 5 years old. I know him so good and I though I need him..

2 years ago


blaine is so hot. why doesn't he like his brother again tho?

2 years ago

Claudia Kellier-Reid

Is Darren gay for real like Matt?

2 years ago

jade weckseler

Can somebody please tell me which episode this is??

2 years ago

Accidentally in Love

i just figure it out that he is Matt bomer ... i'm upset lol

2 years ago

megan h

Their version of this song gives me the chills!!

2 years ago

Nt Haque

Matt Bomer is so dreamy

2 years ago

Tricia Jones

Is there a song on this show that doesn't have me in tears? Seriously I'm going to be a wreck by the time I get through the dvd's

2 years ago

Raven Heart


2 years ago

Rosa Elva Flores Ramos

Guau glee glee darren criss y matt bomer myy song favorite somebody i youste know

2 years ago

Queenglory Madunwe

can someone plz tell me episode this is on thanks:-)

3 years ago

Fury Morales


3 years ago

Bigfan TJstar

Oh god damn it !

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