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Duración: 05:19
Subido: 2016/10/13

Foxygen - America

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10 months ago

Jack Burney

as far as I know, RADO's been working hard af ever since "the split." extremely well produced and unexpected. I wonder if shaun is on this track. I hope not

11 months ago

Garon Burch

Very ELO & Bowie. Very nice.

11 months ago

Luis Houses

Foxygen is back!

11 months ago

Olivia H.

Very theatrical. Excellent job, Sam and Jonathan ✊

11 months ago


this is absolutely brilliant, and totally unexpected from foxygen

11 months ago


20's PROG.

11 months ago

Rico Martinez

this and red dead

11 months ago

Clarence VonDusenberg

It's a shame they wasted such a wonderful odyssey of an instrumental with Sam's WEAK and whiny croak of a voice. It devalues the song as a whole and is embarrassing to listen to. The lyrics are mediocre; another wasted opportunity. They could have addressed the culture decay America is experiencing or the racial divide, presidential race, foreign policy imperialism resulting in the destruction of the middle east, etc... There are so many ideas to pull from here to describe what America is experiencing right now but instead of going after all the ammo I've mentioned we're left with cheap sentimentality about Christmas, Hollywood and God. Not bad topics to expand upon lyrically but the end result is half baked, vague and meaningless drivel. Disappointing Foxygen.

11 months ago


Love this. Way more production value than on star power. I'm hearing a bit of a Doors influence which is very exciting. I have some high hopes for this new album after finding the previous album a bit lackluster.

11 months ago

Eric Vitner

This is insane! I love it.

11 months ago


this should be our national anthem

11 months ago


This is one of the most exciting tracks I've heard in a long time. It's like Queen and David Bowie were asked to work together on a musical inspired by Hocus Pocus by Focus, and that's only one of many things I can hear in this. What a phenomenal piece of music.

11 months ago

Jezzie jesadaz


11 months ago

Paul Rowland

.- -- . .. .. -.. .-

11 months ago

Paul Rowland

Different arrangements but still classic Foxygen in structure, can't fucking wait for some more!

11 months ago

Jacob Dronski

its got no flow tho. Its all over the place.

11 months ago

PC Disciple

Haha I've only listened to 21st Century, have they made anything like this before? I dig it, but it sounds pretty different from that Foxygen. This one's got some real nice instrumentation FUCK. I'm just glad these two are making music again, people shit on them for paying too much tribute to their influences, but who knows? They're clearly doing it intentionally so they might come out with something left field and groundbreaking one day.

11 months ago

planet explorer

I missed them so much this is an amazing comeback

11 months ago

Bryan Yamsuan

shoutout to fantano

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